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July 20, 2015

More About Adrienne

Adrienne Rosel Bulinski is a Youth Motivational Speaker

Adrienne_Bulinski_Top_Rated_Motivational_Speaker_Ankle_ReplacmentAdrienne’s story begins in a small town in Kansas where she was taught at an early age that with the right attitude, a solid work ethic, and big vision anything was possible.

Eventually Adrienne went from small town daydreamer to college graduate to Miss Kansas to New York City professional entertainer.  Adrienne was on top of the world thanks to her attitude, work ethic, self-esteem, and big vision.  Nevertheless, her formula for success would all-to-soon be put to the ultimate test.

After a tragic horsing accident she found herself with shattered dreams and a broken spirit.  Her world had shifted from the grandest-of-dreams to the real-world reality of paying medical bills and questioning whether or not she would ever walk again.

Today Adrienne is a walking example of perseverance and overcoming the odds.   Adrienne’s ability to inspire dreams and talk openly about life’s challenges is what sets her apart from other motivational speakers.  Adrienne talks about success and failure, depression and attitude, life’s obstacles and failure, and how good financial decisions really does create opportunity.  Adrienne puts it all out there, helping teens and adults make the right decisions not based on peer pressure, but based on their personal expectations of themselves.

Adrienne is down to earth, engaging, entertaining, and inspiring.  During her motivational talks, Adrienne draws on her training as a dancer, singer, and actor to bring her audience in for a closer listen.   Within the first 60 seconds she has a crowd’s attention and she has them engaged until the end.


More about Adrienne (her education, and stuff like that): 

Adrienne holds a Bachelor of Science in Journalism and Mass Communications as well as a Minor in Theatre from the University of Kansas. In 2005, she won the title of Miss Kansas, competing at Miss America 2006. After her tenure with the Miss Kansas Organization, Adrienne joined the USO Show Troupe of Metropolitan New York, entertaining military troops and their families. In 2007 Adrienne lost her professional entertainment career when she severed her foot from her leg due to a tragic horsing accident.  Not giving into misfortune, Adrienne began performing again to prove statistics wrong. Today Adrienne has both of her feet and a newly installed ankle replacement. A woman of perseverance, Adrienne is also putting her journalism, marketing and public relations goals into action. Adrienne is the founder and director of Be Known, a marketing consulting company based in Denver.   Even with her exciting resume, Adrienne doesn’t want to forget her roots where she paid her dues as a yard girl, rental-property-cleaner-upper girl, bus girl, waitress, pharmaceutical delivery driver, coat-check girl, temp-worker and choreographer.   In her spare time, Adrienne enjoys ski biking, mountain biking, reading and cooking. She is also an avid writer.  Her first book, Blood Sweat & Tiaras, is available on Amazon and receiving rave reviews. For more about her book, click here.


Amazing_Inspirational_Speaker_Adrienne_Bulinski  Adrienne_Bulinski_Top_Motivtional_Speaker_for_corporate_events

A few of Adrienne’s bragging rights: 

  • Rotary International Member (since 2011)
  • Honorary Drover of Dodge City (2013)
  • Praise Band lead female vocalist at Peace Lutheran Church (2011-present)
  • Ankle Joint Replacement Recipient (2013)
  • Appearance on Let’s Ask America (2011)
  • Miss USO 2007
  • Mr. Donald Trump’s hostess for his restaurant on 5th Avenue (2007)
  • Kansas Children’s Service League’s Speaker of the Year (2005-2006)
  • Quality of Life Top 7 Finalist at Miss America 2006
  • Miss Kansas 2005
  • Recipient of the Lesley Moss Swimsuit Award at Miss Kansas 2005
  • Top Interview Score at Miss Kansas 2005
  • Miss Wichita 2005
  • Founder of The University of Kansas’ Relay For Life (2003)
  • Miss Liberal 2001
Adrienne Bulinski Motivational Speaker

Part of achieving grand goals is overcoming great obstacles. -Adrienne Bulinski, Motivational Speaker

Adrienne Bulinski Top Motivational Speaker for teens

Delivering the keynote message at the Kansas Youth District Gathering


Sharing my message on a news broadcast.

Adrienne Bulinski Motivational Speaker

On the floor of the New York Stock Exchange (I’m in pink)

Adrienne Bulinski Motivational Speaker

Sharing my message with another high school


In a hyperbaric chamber. This was 1/3 of my medical team doing all they could to save my foot.


In the recording studio in Nashville, TN


Performing with the USO Show Troupe in the middle of Times Square in NYC (I’m in blue).


Sharing my message with an awesome group of high schools students in the middle of the United States (I’m doing the splits in the front – I have on a purple shirt).

Adrienne Rosel Bulinski Miss Kansas 2005 Ground breaking for planet hollywood in las vegas

Ground breaking at The Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas. Here I am pictured with some of my Miss America sisters (I’m the forth from the left)




Dr. and Mrs. Kiyosaki Book Signing at Trump Tower on 5th Avenue in New York City. Dr. Kioysake is also the author of the famous “Rich Dad Poor Dad”


A military welcome home ceremony with some of New York’s best firefighters.


Decorating my cast after my ankle replacement.


Singing a love song to some high school students in Dodge City, KS

Adrienne Bulinski Motivational Speaker

Emceeing the Miss Kansas pageant in 2015


Delivering a keynote message


Delivering scholarships to college students!

Adrienne Rosel Bulinski Miss Kansas 2005 Best Motivational Speaker

Here I am pictured with some of my Miss America sisters at the homecoming ceremony for the newly crowned Miss America Jennifer Berry. (I’m in red)