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Former Miss Kansas presents four choices


youth speaker_motivational_speaker_for_teens_adrienne_bulinskiEven though Adrienne Rosel Bulinski accomplished the Miss Kansas 2005 title and several other achievements during her 35 years, she also knows too well on how ones life can dramatically change course, in just a matter of minutes.

Bulinski presented a message “Perseverance with Grit” to a large assembly of Beloit Jr/Sr High School students on Tuesday afternoon.

After capturing the students attention with the help of eight boys from the audience through a 1960’s fun sing-along, Bulinski stressed the importance of four choices to use in everyday life.

“I can guarantee 100 percent, that if you use these choices each day, they will help make your dreams come true,” said Bulinski. “This does not mean you will not have failure along the way. Failure is an important factor to success. Learn as much as you can from your failures. Success doesn’t happen every day and new goals have to be set with each new failure.”

When Bulinski was 10 years of age growing up in Liberal, Kan., her teacher asked the class to present and write down what they wanted to be when they grew up. She told her students, that eight years later, she would present them with what they wrote and ask them what they had done to achieve this goal.

“Kids in my class were saying they wanted to be pilots, professional baseball players, authors, doctors and such,” Bulinski said. “I was terrified. It was a lot different when you were asked to express such a thing out loud. I finally came out with wanting to be a dancer. Not just any dancer, but on Broadway.”

With this story, Bulinski told the students the first choice she offered was to “Say it out loud.”

Bulinski preceded to ask students in the audience what some of their dreams included. She challenged them to take those dreams and to find their favorite subjects in school and to marry those items together and figure out where to go with it.

“It doesn’t matter where you live,” said Bulinski. “Chase your dreams.”

After Bulinski spoke up about her dreams of being a dancer, she felt she had to be accountable to her teacher. She found she couldn’t even do the splits, which was necessary in performing. So with that in mind, Bulinski challenged herself. She used an hour glass as a timer and challenged herself to focus for the five minutes it took for the sand to fall from the top to the bottom.   Her first goal was to focus on stretching.

After a year had passed, she was still unable to do the splits but after a total of three  years at age 13, she had finally mastered them.Adrienne_Bulinski_youth_speaker_entertainer

“This is your second choice in fulfilling your accomplishments,” said Bulinski.


“How dedicated are you going to be?”

When I was Miss Kansas, I didn’t have an hour glass, and so I decided to use a piece of gum with the philosophy of dedicating time to the duration that a piece of gum has flavor.

Bulinski then presented the students with a big wad of gum she compiled throughout those years showing her dedication.

Her humorous comparison brought laughter from the students as she walked around showing her creation.

“Now when I become overwhelmed with things, my husband tells me I don’t have to chew a pack of gum but just one piece for the day,” laughed Bulinski.

Bulinski preceded to speak and act out about her third daily choice, as she demonstrated how her dad, dressed in shorts, would greet her and her brother each morning.

Bulinski’s skit included a pair of yellow shorts and her dad’s actions, asking them if they were going to have a bad day, or if they were going to have a good day.

“There he was, each morning asking the question over and over,” said Bulinski. “It wasn’t a yes or no question. It was a choice we had to express on what kind of a day we would have. It goes to say, that life is 10 percent of what happens to you and 90 percent is on how you respond to it, (a quote be Charles Swindoll)”

With that said, the third choice was revealed as “Attitude”.

“You all have a choice,” Bulinski said. “How do we expect to face obstacles, if we haven’t built a positive attitude as our foundation?”

In describing her last choice,   Bulinski picked up a gift box from her table.

“I am 35 years old,” she said. “Each of us have our own set of gifts and talents.”

When she opened the box she pulled out a bag of balloons.

“You can’t purchase just one balloon, said Bulinski. “You have to buy them in a package. In the same way you don’t have just one gift or talent… you come in a package.”


As she inflated a balloon, she expressed that each day, we will face negative people. When deciding on whether to pursue a dancing/entertaining career, Bulinski faced such negativity but decided to go towards her dream. She landed a leading role as an actress at the age of 24 in a 57 show contract. During her performances, she came upon the movie “Dances with Wolves,” and decided to work on her horse riding skills for a chance at a role.

While Bulinski was on her 52nd show of the 57 she landed, her dream exploded as she expereienced an accident while trying to mount the horse on a run.

Bulinski was sent to the emergency room and was facing amputation from mid-calf  down.

After doctors attempted surgery, Bulinski was told that they had removed gravel, dirt and manure from her ankle and that it was highly likely that infection would set in and she would loose her foot.

After her 80th wound treatment, hopes of being a dancer were crushed as the doctors informed her that the infection was taking over.

“Just like my foot couldn’t live with infection inside my body, we have to learn to walk away from everyday infections that are placed upon us,” said Bulinski.

For two weeks Bulinski had to lay with her foot above her heart. After that duration, she graduated to being able to move for five minutes, three times a day, every eight hours. In three weeks, that five minutes changed to 10 minutes and she was able to take her first shower in a month.

With her dreams sent in a different direction, the determined Bulinski decided her next goal was to be able to walk again without a limp. With her given options, she choose to receive an internal prosthetic ankle which was placed inside her own skin. At the time she received the device it was the newest ankle replacement technology on the market.

“It doesn’t matter if you have a dream that explodes in your life,” said Bulinski. “My final and fourth choice to you is that of  “Perseverance”.

“I now want to use my story to make an impact on others lives. Grab hold of your lessons in life, bundle it up like those balloons, things that give you the grit to live multiple dreams in your life time. You can do whatever you want. You get to choose.”

Bulinski is now an award winning motivational speaker/author and is traveling through Kansas and into Oklahoma with her entertaining uplifting presentations to students. Beloit was her second stop of eight scheduled throughout the week.

“My mission as a speaker is to motivate students to believe in themselves and their self-worth, to believe in their passions and their goals, and to believe in their capabilities of reaching many great achievements in their lifetime, said Bulinski. “As our youth are struggling with many internal battles and fluctuations in their self esteem, I am here to bring hope and inspiration, with some entertainment mixed in.”

Bulinski is the author of “Blood Sweat and Tiaras” seen at

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Beloit call p5_Top-youth-speaker-adrienne-bulinski

Beloit call p5_Top-youth-speaker-adrienne-bulinski