Adrienne To Visit Boulder High School on Friday, 4/28/17

Adrienne Bulinski is scheduled to deliver an entertaining, informative, and motivating message on Friday, April 28th at 9:45 a.m. to the junior and senior students at Boulder High School. 

Her message Pursuit of Excellence will address the decisions students make on prom night: Where The Fun Stops and Responsibility Begins.  Bulinski’s program is scheduled the day before prom.

Bulinski is an award winning motivational speaker, entertainer, and the author of Blood Sweat & Tiaras. “I’m looking forward to my upcoming visit as this will be my first time working with students in the Boulder Valley School District,” Bulinski commented.  “On the 28th I will have some fun with the student body before I transition to the serious side of my program.”

Bulinski will be addressing the power of a dream and the consequences of poor choices on a night that is known for drinking and driving and sex.   “Prom is meant to be fun and it should be.  But, just as in life, there will be decisions that can have tragic – or limb severing – consequences.  If you take the time to make right decisions right now it makes the actual decision (in the heat of the moment) a no brainer.”


Bulinski’s messages are delivered as much of a performance as an educational opportunity.  Bulinski challenges audiences to think… to really think, and to think big.

Bulinski’s stories are influenced by a vast array of experiences including time wearing the Miss Kansas crown, performing with the USO Show Troupe, New York City auditions and rejections, re-learning how to walk at the age of twenty-four, becoming a grandma at the age of 29, and coping with depression.

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