the word “impossible” was written by someone who wasn’t daring to try

I’m dog tired but this blog deserves to be written.  So here I am writing. Writing for you.  For me. For my family.  For my doctors.  Writing for those searching for answers.  For those who are at the end of their rope.  I’m writing for “hope”.

H.O.P.E.  >> Hold on. Pain Ends.


It is Sunday evening at 10:03 p.m. and I just returned home from yet another mountain biking ride: my sixth ride out of seven days. Not to mention my day of “rest” consisted of yard work – on a hill – moving rocks and digging retaining walls.


My name is Adrienne.  On August 12, 2007 I severed my foot from my leg.  Doctors should have amputated my foot on multiple occasions, but by God’s grace they decided to be “reckless” and reattach my severed foot… many thought I would lose it to infection.  What I was left with was a disfigured lower extremity, a broken spirit, and a massive amount of unanswered questions.


Fast forward to 2013 (age: 30).  I received (an albeit controversial) ankle replacement.  No one could predict if it would work, and if it did, for how long.  But we went with it.


Today is June 3, 2018 and after miles of rugged terrain (somewhere in the neighborhood of 70 miles of single track this week) on a mountain bike I have a pain level of zero. Zero!  I have traversed up and over three different mountains this week – and on each ride I have had the privilege of leading the way UP the mountains.  Leading the way UP means I set the pace (that my group/partner rarely keep up with 😉 ).


Strong of mind.  Strong of spirit. 


My lungs burning.  My legs aching.  I reflected on the months I spent mourning my loss of function and the numerous medical professionals that told me I would never walk normal again.  I mourned the “fact” I would never again get to hike a trail or backpack into the deep backcountry.  I cried…  for months… all while living in excruciating pain that confirmed my destiny.  Or so I thought….


It is days like today – that I get to bike further than I could have ever hiked –  I realize the word “impossible” was written by someone who wasn’t daring to try!  Yes, how you pictured life to be may end up looking different, but if you look at it with the right mindset you will see it is far better.


Life truly belongs to those who believe in the impossible… because I’m possible (and so are you)!