Attitude Adjustment – 1


The year is off to a great start.  I hope you believe it! A couple of items to keep you inspired as you continue to tackle 2019….

Below are reminders for your personal life as well as a couple of EASY items to implement into your workspace or classroom.  Regardless of your role, here are some great exercises to help your work/school culture stay positive. You can also try these at home.  


Have you had your attitude adjustment for 2019?  It is as easy as making the declaration OUT LOUD:

“I’m going to have a great year!”

Okay, let’s keep it real:  will every day be over-the-moon fantastic?  Probably not, but will your positivity help you get over the humps? Absolutely!  Here is a great article on how It Takes a Positive Attitude To Achieve Positive Results.  

And you can add this guy (Donte Colley) to your Instagram.  He is taking social media by storm with his positive video posts.

LINK: It Takes a Positive Attitude To Achieve Positive Results.  

Link: Donte Colley

My challenge to you.  Start a 2019 Heart of Gratefulness notebook.  Everyday write the date and ONE person/place/thing you are grateful for.  Be sure to place the notebook somewhere you see it everyday (i.e. next to your computer, next to your bed, in the bathroom…).  This is great to implement in the classroom. Be creative: maybe the students have a notebook or maybe they write it EVERY DAY on a board in the classroom OR you give them permission to shoot a text of gratefulness to someone.  The key to creating a habit of gratefulness is consistency.


Is success in your life as much of a rollercoaster ride as a New Year’s Diet?  Remember: Success is a lifestyle not a New Year’s Resolution. Check out this article on Chocolate Success (one of my recent favorites).  Chocolate Success also falls in line with the latest topic of Burn Out!  

LINK: Chocolate Success

LINK: Burn Out

Speaking of consistency, one of my personal goals for this winter is to get my body moving in a variety of ways.  I am rotating from kickboxing to yoga to cardio dance to walks on beautiful winter days. Yes, I may be young but I also have an artificial ankle (no excuses at my house).  In my pursuit of getting physical, I have discovered a FREE YouTube channel full of a variety of exercises. Check out PopSugar (this is not a paid endorsement… I just like them and their variety of exercise!).

LINK: PopSugar

Idea for the classroom:  one of my favorite college professors required us to participate in Tai Chi everyday for 5-10 minutes before he started class.  At the beginning of the semester I thought it was cheesy and a waste of time… by the end of the semester I looked forward to the balance it brought as well as my attention to breath (not to mention, breath is something we all need more of especially when it comes to public speaking, meeting with the boss, and performing in a variety of life’s daily situations).


Keep The Right Perspective. Enjoy the Journey.

We are all capable of being a blessing to others.  With a little effort we can change the world! Check out my favorite video this month.  It is a child hearing for the first time. Not only is it an incredible moment captured on video, I also find myself wondering about the person who was inspired to create the technology in order to make this moment possible.  I imagine there is a tremendous story behind the story… a phoenix type story.

That is it for this Attitude Adjustment. 

Blessings on your day and may you live an inspired life!

Until next time…