Blood Sweat & Tiaras is the debut book of award-winning motivational speaker Adrienne Rosel Bulinski.  Meet the girl behind the smile (and the message) as she shares her intimate journey across many stages in her life.  Blood Sweat and Tiaras is now available on Amazon.

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She hit the ground with such force, inertia plunged her forward. She took another step. Her six inches of exposed bone was sharp enough to penetrate the hard ground like a javelin flying into the red dirt and decomposing manure. As the pain rushed in, so did the shock and the questions… but the question front and center: would the dancer ever be able to walk again?

She was a total tomboy and star athlete who wasn’t afraid to ditch her dirty sneakers for some dance shoes and a tiara, even after a tragic accident. Blood, Sweat & Tiaras is a wonderful story of perseverance with a dose of attitude. From the heights of competing on national TV to the depths of lying in an emergency room, Adrienne will take you through her story of victory on so many stages in her life. Yes, victory, for she never let the difficult or devastating situation she was facing prevail.

You’re invited on her intimate journey to finding success and braving the scary decisions of unpromising medical procedures. Witness the grit it takes to defy the odds with grace and resilience. In this breathtaking journey of hope, you will read stories bound to stick with you, giving you courage to live up to your own definition of perseverance.  

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blood_sweat_tiaras_adrienne_rosel_bulinski_reviews_5 blood_sweat_tiaras_adrienne_rosel_bulinski_reviews_5