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Frequently Asked Questions:

How much does it cost to bring Adrienne to our school/organization?
We do our best to work with all budgets. The fact Adrienne can speak multiple times in one day allows you to partner with other schools that will share in the cost. You are also welcome to invite neighboring schools to attend your event, which allows schools to share the cost. If four or more schools (in the same geographic area) would like to bring Adrienne to your area we are delighted to offer a tour rate.  We cover all travel expenses. *Applicable for continental U.S. schools only.

Will Adrienne travel internationally?
Absolutely! As long as you invite her husband along for the fun!  In fact, she will be in England during the 2018/19 School Year.  If you want to tag on to a tour let us know!

Is Adrienne a Christian speaker?
Adrienne is a youth speaker that happens to be a Christian. 90% of the audiences Adrienne works with are public schools and 10% are private. She very much respects the separation of church/state. She wouldn’t want a speaker to “preach” to her child in the public school setting and she believes in treating others how you want to be treated. Adrienne has never been accused of crossing the church/state boundaries. That being said, Adrienne is also a Christian Speaker as she is frequently invited to speak at Christian Conferences and private high schools with an entirely different program.

Does Adrienne do media interviews?

AV Preferences for Programs:

Below are Adrienne’s preferences.   If you have questions, please contact Adrienne or one of her representatives at 720.289.8829

Equipment Preferences:

  • One handheld microphone (preferable wireless).  Please have backup batteries on hand.
  • iphone connection for audio, which hooks to the main sound system
  • Microphone stand
  • Eight chairs (for keynote presentation)
  • One folding table
  • No Lectern

Audio & Video Recording:

Video and audio recording is allowed; however please make arrangements in advance as there needs to be a written consent.

  • We must receive the master copy within 30 days of the program.
  • Copies can not be sold or uploaded to Youtube (or any other social sites), it is for internal use only.