Chocolate Success

If it weren’t for my birthday being in January I would be tempted to skip the month.

Why?Because if I watch one more news outlet talk diets or see another advertisement on social media telling me I need to be on a diet… well…  it leaves me wanting a great BIG slice of chocolate cake. Truthfully I get more joy out of eating cake in January than the average person because while all the suckers who are on diets watch as I devour my birthday cake, they are busy stressing about calories and exercise.

Mom and I celebrating our January birthdays at the amazing D Bar in Denver!

Just like eating healthy and exercising regularly, success is both mindset and a lifestyle.   Success is something to strive for but not become obsessed over.  If you obsess over unrealistic expectations then you set yourself up for failure. Yes, I encourage you to have grand expectations of yourself, yet allow yourself room to grow into those expectations. Push yourself, but don’t forget to stop and eat the cake before it goes stale.

There will be setbacks (just like diets have “accidental” cheat days), but it is possible to get back on track. Every successful person has been derailed multiple times, yet because of the years of steady endurance they are able to right the course and continue forward.  Those who are on the binge and purge diet of life will find themselves depleted and exhausted before they reach their destination. The small things set us up for success. Small nuggets of exercise every day are far more beneficial then overworked, exhausted people spending a single month sweating champagne and egg rolls all over the floor only to end up exhausted and passed out by February 1st.

Yes, the pursuit of success is steady and consistent.  

Success in life is a healthy balance in work and life.  If you gorge one month then overexert the next, it will leave you feeling ragged and delusional.  

Slow and steady.  Keep the course… in your diet and on your staircase of success!

Success is both mindset and a lifestyle.