a dream in my eye prayer in my heart

My husband spent his Saturday morning working… when he returned home I greeted him in the driveway…. He was happy and singing. We danced in the driveway as he sang to me…. and in those fun moments of “the precious present” a lyric he sang spoke to my heart.

a dream in my eye and a prayer in my heart (a lyric by Toby Keith)

My thoughts: Don’t you suppose God planted our dreams in us? It’s up to us to plant the prayer in our hearts.

Adrienne Rosel Bulinski Motivational Speaker

My thoughts expanded:

God knows us better than we know ourselves.  He created our gifts and our talents (and so the phrase was born: “a God given talent”).

I believe that each person on this planet has unique gifts that only that individual possesses.   And each person has a combination of gifts that God gave us in order to leave this world a better place than we found it.

What are your God given gifts and talents?  And more importantly, are you using them?

Surrender to your uniqueness.  Surrender to God’s great plans.  Ask for His guidance and His blessing and He will unfold wonderful things in your life.

My thoughts expanded even further:

Grand dreams take time to develop into their fullness. And in that time we must learn patience, commitment and perseverance.

In that time of challenge and perseverance we also learn how much we desire the dream.   And desire keeps us head-strong when the going gets tough.  Desire drives determination and determination drives success.

Anything that is grand takes time.

Just like the Grand Canyon, some grand dreams take years to develop, but in the end they are worth the effort, worth the energy and worth the wait.


When you feel overwhelmed by your dream and you question its possibility.  Whisper your concerns to the One that knows your heart and your future.    Ask for enjoyment in the journey.

After all, God planted your dreams in your heart.  Invite Him to be a part of your journey. He gave you the desire to embark on the journey and He will give you the skills you need to see your journey to your destination. Enjoy the process and enjoy the closeness with the One who gave you the ideas and the skills in the first place.


Adrienne Rosel Bulinski Best Motivational Speaker

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