Give Thanks With A Grateful Heart

As we are on the foot-heels of November – the most grateful month of the year – I would like to get a jump start on the spirit of gratefulness.Be Thankful - Adrienne Bulinski Motivational Speaker

Growing up I was taught:

  1. Always be grateful

  2. Invite others be a part of your journey — for it makes the destination that much sweeter.


    Mac & Adrienne

While I believe that our journey can also be translated as “our life” and the destination as “heaven”,  I have learned that the journey is so much more fun when you can enjoy it with others… and, the more the merrier!

My parents taught me to ask for help.  Not necessarily because I couldn’t accomplish things on my own but because it gives others ownership and as a result it makes the journey that much more “worthwhile” for a multitude of people.   Afterall, we aren’t in it on our own… it takes all of us to make the world go round.  And as much as I want to think the universe revolves around… well… me… it doesn’t (bummer!).

So, today I would like to thank some very important people, but before I thank those folks I need to preface where my thankfulness is coming from.  First, I launched my new “mobile responsive” web site in August (for those of you that don’t know what “mobile responsive” means… its nerd for “Google friendly”).   I also filmed and launched my new promo video.


Michelle & Andy

Please note that both of the above I could not have done on my own.

So first, I would like to thank my baby brother, Mac Rosel, who is a computer, internet-everything genus.  He has graciously helped me with my website, but he has also pushed me to learn more than I knew I was capable of (as it pertains to web sites and coding).  Thanks Mac!!!

Second, I would like to thank my incredibly talented sister and bro-in-law, Michelle & Andy McDonald.  Despite their busy schedule, they took the time to film and produce my awesome promo video (thank you to my husband for being in charge of kids so we could make the magic happen)!!  You two are more talented than I think you even realize.  (For those of you that think you don’t know Michelle and Andy, I’m sure you are mistaken… if you watch HGTV, DIY Network, Travel Channel, Food Network, The Weather Channel – and a few others – then you know the amazing Andy and Michelle!)  Thank you Michelle & Andy!


Here is the latest and greatest product of the talented duo:

Those are my “thank yous” for now, but I promise, this grateful heart has many many more thank yous on the horizon.

It is the eve of November… what are you thankful for?



Adrienne & Michelle (Andy in the background)