Is Social Media Bad For Your Health

Is Social Media Bad for your health - Adrienne Rosel Bulinski Motivational SpeakerOn my way to work this morning I was listening to the K-love Radio Morning Show, hosted by Craig, Amy & Kankelfritz.  The trio was talking about a new study that has been released… a study showing how social media is bad for your health.   (Please note: this study is not necessarily the opinions of my morning friends, but rather a scientific study recently released)

While I agree social media is ground zero for comparing yourself to others and the mecca for showing off your life’s “highlight reel”, I also argue whether or not it is actually bad for you.

Social media is a reflection of life – and on both social media and in real life – you have the opportunity to fill your news feeds (aka: your mind) with positive energy, inspiring quotes and overall motivation to get through this thing we call life.

How you engage in social media is a choice… and that choice can be either positive or negative.

You can engage in cyber bullying or you can engage in uplifting others.   You have the opportunity to spread positive energy or fill the space with dark negativity.

The choice is yours, which also means the positive or negative affect social media has on your life is of your choosing.

So, I ask you, what will you choose? How will you engage with others online?  It is, after all, a choice that only you can control…



Craig, Amy & Kanklefritz on Klove Radio (Photo courtesy of a google search) This picture is part of my celebration of November and my challenge to post one thing a day I’m grateful for on my social media pages… while I haven’t posted this pic on my social sites YET it will be posted before Dec. 1. I love these three (Craig, Amy & Kanklefritz)!!