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Welcome to Our New Leadership Vlog

The  videos below are designed to be casual and quick while giving you something to think about. Each week will feature someone new… be sure to follow along and chime in 🙂  We will be posting the most recent video at the top!

Leadership Video #4


Qualities of a great leader > BE NICE TO PEOPLE!
Don’t be afraid to take the lead.
Be confident in what you do!
Be confident in yourself!
Stand up for others!

Leadership Video #3


Qualities of a great leader >> Integrity!  Live by the Golden Rule of treating others how you want to be treated!

Leadership Video #2


“We have to lead by example and get in and get involved…. you have to have passion and energy every morning to be successful….  attitude will overcome 90% of the world’s problems….” 

Leadership Video #1

Great leaders lead by example – don’t be afraid to adopt the qualities of great leaders in your life! Click the video to hear how I learned how to “free style” dance in high school and how it has helped me adopt leadership styles of my own (by watching great leaders around me).

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