Miss Kansas To Motivate FCCLA Teens

Adrienne Rosel Bulinski Motivational Speaker Author EntertainerMiss Kansas 2005 Returns To Wichita, Kan. To Motivate FCCLA Teens

For Immediate Release – Miss Kansas 2005 and award winning motivational speaker, Adrienne Rosel Bulinski, is scheduled to deliver an entertaining keynote message to 1,500 students at the FCCLA State Leadership Conference in Wichita.  On April 5th, students from across the state will be gathered at the Century II Convention Center to hear Bulinski’s inspirational message “How To Set Goals & Achieve Them.”

“My mission as a speaker is to motivate students to believe in themselves and their self-worth, to believe in their passions and their goals, and to believe in their capabilities of reaching many great achievements in their lifetime,” Bulinski commented. “As you know, our youth are struggling with many internal battles and fluctuations in their self-esteem.  I’m here to bring hope and inspiration to not only students, but those who are connected to our youth, which is all of us.”FCCLA_Motivational_Speaker_Adrienne_Bulinski

Bulinski’s 60 minute message is designed to help students realize their potential and then turn that potential into a reality. Her message is also known to energize adults, helping them stay “fresh” with their approach in shaping our future’s greatest leaders and innovators. Bulinski challenges audiences to think… to really think, and to think big.

Originally from Liberal, Bulinski is a nationally recognized motivational speaker and entertainer, and for the past ten years her passion behind her message has been motivating the minds of audiences from around the country.  And this April, Bulinski will be in our own neighborhood leaving a lasting message with our youth.

Bulinski’s message is delivered as much of a performance as an educational opportunity.  Her stories are influenced by a vast array of experiences including time wearing the Miss Kansas crown, performing with the USO Show Troupe, New York City auditions and rejections, re-learning how to walk at the age of 24 and coping with depression.

For more about Bulinski please visit www.adriennebulinski.com.  For interviews please call 720.289.8829

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