Perseverance Trail

Adrienne_Bulinski_Motivational_Speaker(My Journal Entry from July 8, 2015)

Anyone else have a rough day? Emotional breakdown over here.

Today I was at work (I am the marketing director for an orthopedic group in Colorado) and we had a device rep in the office, over lunch, selling his product. It was cow skin that serves as an alternative for skin grafts. He was also talking about wound vacuums >> The scary part: I had a better understanding of what the guy was selling then he did.

For those of you that don’t know… along with my ankle replacement, I have had a number of procedures to keep my foot (the alternative option usually ending in an amputation). My doctors tried a wound vacuum, mango extract, pig intestine and baby penis (yes there are medical terms for these procedures, but my terms are more fun – and in English). Nothing worked which is why I ended up with a “free flap” and a deformed ankle.

To sum up my day: As I listened to the guy “sell” his product I had a minor anxiety attack > which resulted in an emotional break down while at work. It was not pretty.

Why am I sharing this? Because I’m human. Because I understand… and because some of you do too.

Do me a favor… take a minute… look at your ankles… wiggle your toes… and be grateful… I am.

My attitude of perseverance will carry me beyond today.

If I can persevere then you can too!