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Adrienne_Rosel_Bulinski_Motivational_Speaker_AuthorHello teachers, administrators, faculty, parents, students, and anyone else looking for resources to help take your life to new heights!

This is a follow-up blog for anyone who has attended my “Connecting The Dots” or “Confident & Conquering” seminars, lectures, conferences, or motivational meetings where I share tools and resources to help you be all that you can be!  Please feel free to share these resources with any who might benefit from this knowledge.   All I ask in return is that you keep my contact info on the downloadable forms and should you need a motivational speaker, give me a call 😉

Want real life stories that outline how I came up with the forms below?  Get ready for a great read with my new book Blood Sweat & Tiaras which will be available for purchase this October!


My husband and I end our dinner prayers every night, “Lord, please help us so we may help others.”  I hope this helps you!

Adrienne Rosel Bulinski’s Success Plan Outline

Adrienne’s Budget For Teens (fill in the blanks)

Adrienne’s Budget For Teens (with answers)

Suicide Prevention & Awareness Resources