January 26, 2019

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A game-changing selection for your keynote at your next conference!

Perseverance With Grit

(Adrienne’s award winning program)

The difference between living your best life and dreading getting out of bed in the morning boils down to a handful of daily choices. Truth: when life is rainbows and cupcakes it is easy to persevere. Realty: when life hands you your tush on a silver platter the word “perseverance” quickly seems like a four letter word that makes you cringe. So, how do you use life’s hardships as building blocks to reach your full potential? This is Adrienne’s speciality and she will show you how to live your best life despite the odds.
Perseverance With Grit is a program built on a series of real-life stories of charging toward a dream and overcoming setbacks. Adrienne will teach you how you can change the trajectory of your life in less than five minutes a day. Sound to good to be true? It isn’t if you are willing to give it a try. It’s easy, it’s effective, and it’s proven! Empower yourself, your colleagues, and your peers to be awesome in their own lives. There is, after all, plenty of room for our world to have more positive people living their best lives. Adrienne wants you to be one of them! Be empowered to stay focused, be an effective leader, overcome adversity, and live your best life. 

When are you too old to pursue your dream?
If you’re still breathing you still have potential.

Ideal Audience:
This in a game changing keynote for conferences, conventions, luncheons and practically anywhere people are looking for direction and/or inspiration

Program Run time:
We adjust to fit your schedule! Ideal run time is 45-55 minutes.

Schedule This Program: ab@adriennebulinski.com

In four minutes you can see for yourself the impact of “Perseverance With Grit”