February 6, 2019

Programs For Teens

Working with youth, especially teenagers, is Adrienne’s sweet spot!  You’re in for a real treat.

Programs for Public Schools:

Perseverance with Grit

(Adrienne’s award winning program)

Teaching teens what it looks like to build a fierce self-confidence and giving them the actual tools to achieve their dreams and goals while overcoming adversity.  This program focuses on the whole person as Adrienne zeros in on four simple choices you make every day and if calculated correctly can have limitless results. Adrienne empowers her audiences with the tools to stay focused, be effective leaders, overcome adversity, and live the life envisioned.  This program is built on a series of real-life stories of perseverance and overcoming the odds  (including her best known story of severing her foot from her leg and struggling to define her own definition of  perseverance) . Get ready to laugh and cry as you begin to dream bigger than you did this morning! 

Ideal Audience:
Teen Conferences (student council, student athletes, FCCLA, DECA, etc), Spirit Week assemblies, high school assemblies, middle school assemblies, elementary school assemblies, college gatherings, teen summer camps, youth retreats, leadership camps, etc…

Program Run time:
We adjust to fit your schedule!

*This program fits into social-emotional curriculum as well as mental health, goal setting, leadership, overcoming adversity, athletic events, school spirit weeks, and much more.
Optional topics that can be addressed during this program: leadership, teen suicide, bullying, hazing, peer-pressure, sexting, and self-confidence.
*Adaptable for grades 1-6

Schedule This Program: ab@adriennebulinski.com

 Programs for Private Schools:

Finding Your Footing

How does your world go from success to tragedy in a matter of seconds? How do you pick yourself up and keep marching forward? Dive into a program of music, laughter, fun, and goal setting. Parallel your dreams with the lessons taught straight from the world’s oldest history book. See first-hand how with faith you can accomplish anything, overcome anything, and build the beautiful life meant only for you. It’s now or never. What are you waiting for? You can indeed find your footing.  (This program parallels the program above: Perseverance with Grit). 

Ideal Audience:
high school (grades 7-12), college gatherings, conferences, retreats
*This is a Christian focused program that builds on scripture.

Program Run Time:
We adjust to fit your schedule!

Schedule This Program: ab@adriennebulinski.com

Body Language

A great breakout session for teens to learn how to read between the lines! Learn how to be a better communicator as well as adapt a few powerful traits that can subconsciously help you be more effective in school, business, and LIFE!
During this breakout Adrienne will also teach some easily adaptable traits to apply when giving your own presentations and/or speeches so your audience will be more open to your pitch/idea verses being closed off.
Body language is a powerful component to being a great communicator!

Ideal Audience:
Mature teens who are the leaders of their school or organization, high school seniors

Program Run Time:
45 minutes

Schedule This Program: ab@adriennebulinski.com

Let’s Have a Dance Off

As a former performer, choreographer and children’s theatre director Adrienne will lead your entire group through a fun and easy dance routine that ends in a full school/conference/organization dance off! Yes, there is a winner!
This is an ideal FUN program for groups looking to energize their attendees, not take themselves too seriously and have a great time!
*This is a great “add-on” event after Adrienne has delivered a keynote.

Program Run Time:
30-40 minutes

Schedule This Program: ab@adriennebulinski.com

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