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Programs for Public Schools:

Perseverance with Grit

(Adrienne’s award winning program)

Program Details:
Learn the power of what it means to 1) say your dream out loud 2) develop an unwavering determination 3) build a positive attitude and 4) persevere beyond life’s greatest obstacles.  Adrienne highlights four simple choices we can make every day and if calculated correctly can have limitless results. Five minutes a day is all the launching pad you need to take yourself to the next level. Adrienne empowers her audiences with the tools to stay focused, overcome adversity, and live the life envisioned.  In 60 minutes Adrienne challenges audiences to think… to really think and to think big. 

*This program can be easily formulated to highlight/address the following:
teen suicide, bullying, hazing, peer-pressure, and self-confidence

Program Run time:
60 minutes

Ideal Audience:
middle school, high school, college gatherings, conferences, retreats
*can be adapted for grades 3-6

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 Programs for Private Schools:

Finding Your Footing

Program Details:
Finding Your Footing is a Christian message following the book of Ecclesiastes and the lessons of King Solomon. Dive into a program of music, laughter, fun, and goal setting. Parallel your dreams with the lessons taught straight from the world’s oldest history book: the Bible. See first-hand how with faith you can accomplish anything, overcome anything, and build the beautiful life meant only for you. We are built to dream. Are you dreaming big and then going confidently in the direction of those dreams? It’s now or never. What are you waiting for?

Program Run Time:
75 minutes

Ideal Audience:
high school (grades 7-12), college gatherings, conferences, retreats

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For breakout sessions @ conferences

Confident & Conquering

Program Details:
How to Dress for Success
How to be awesome, and smart, on Social Media
Unleashing your natural awesomeness
What is chivalry in today’s modern age?
How to develop a positive internal dialogue
How to go after, and get, what you want
How to nail an interview

Time Frame:
45-60 minutes

Ideal audience:
All ages > breakout sessions, high school students, college students, recent graduates, employee business training meetings, conferences, corporate events, business forums, retreat

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Connecting The Dots

(Helping Students Connect The Classroom To Their Lives)

Program Details:  
A great program for anyone who works with students. Learn how to stir a student’s dream and how to connect that dream to the skills they are learning in school.  When we show students how their basic educations are relevant to their grand dreams they dig in and invest in what is being taught in the classroom in a deeper more positive way.  Students want to know the “why” behind the learning.  Learn some tactical and easy solutions to better equip your students for a successful and profitable future beyond the classroom. Learn how to get your students to take ownership in their education/future, and how to simply introduce life altering information without adding to your already demanding schedule.  

Time Frame:
45-60 minutes

Ideal Audience:
adults, educators, superintendents, conferences
*A great supplemental/follow-up program to “Perseverance with Grit”

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Customize Adrienne’s Programs

Customize Adrienne’s motivational message to meet the specific needs of your group

Work directly with Adrienne to customize a full motivational keynote message and/or breakout session.  What are the specific needs of your group?  Is your high school coping with student suicides? Is your school dealing with sexting?  Does your organization need an over-all morale boost?  Does your sales  team need a laugh, some entertainment and encouragement? Do your employees need training in customer service? Are you planning a luncheon or dinner banquet and need to hit it out of the park with your keynote message of hope, perseverance and overcoming the odds? 

Time Frame: up to you
Ideal audience: All ages > high school students, college students, recent graduates, employee business training meetings, conferences, corporate events, luncheons, business forums, retreats, Christian conferences/event

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Communications & Interview Coaching

Please inquire for a private coaching session

Interview coaching for job interviews and/or pageant interviews
Resume writing and review
Public Speaking

Time Frame: 60 minutes per coaching session
Ideal audience: All ages
*Adrienne is known for her interviewing techniques and poise under pressure.  Her resume includes numerous awards within the Miss America system as the top scorer in the interview competition.   Adrienne is also an expert at interviewing and leading business meetings with top CEOs, surgeons and business developers from around the country.  Learn her keys to success, how to be relaxed under pressure and how to set yourself a step above your competitors.

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Adrienne Bulinski is an award winning motivational speaker.  Adrienne teaches teens and young adults how to think big, dream big and achieve big.  If you are looking for a dynamic motivational speaker for your upcoming conference, youth assembly, youth gathering, teen leadership summit, college Greek week or high school assembly… look no further. Adrienne Bulinski is the best motivational speaker for your next event.
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