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Below are several items I have put together specifically for you and your school to help keep you motivated, organized and inspired on your pursuit of your dreamS!  If you need to talk through any ideas or would like me to come back for a follow-up assembly please let me know!

I look forward to being your guide on your journey to awesome!

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Adrienne’s Post Program Resources

Ways to implement Adrienne’s program into the school:

  • Place a giant banner in a prominent place in the school.  Have each student write his/her dream (or goal for the year) on the banner.
  • Have each student write his/her dream/goal in a notebook followed by a detailed plan on how and when they will focus on that dream/goal for at least five minutes a day. Revisit that notebook daily, weekly or monthly to track his/her progress and make adjustments where needed.  Accountability is important as we create new habits and implement new ideas. “On average, it takes more than 2 months before a new behavior becomes automatic — 66 days to be exact.”
  • Create a school Wall of Gum.  Encourage the students to work on their dreams for at least five minutes a day and for every day they work on their dreams they get to add a piece of gum to the school’s Wall of Gum!  How large can you grow the school’s wad in a year?  *If you don’t want to stick the gum to an actual wall you can line the wall with plastic or you can add the gum to the banner from the idea above. 
  • During announcements invite the students to stand and repeat “I’m going to have a good day.”  Another great phrase to repeat is “Two things in life I have  complete control over  is my effort and my attitude. I will work hard and I will bring a positive attitude to all I do.”
  • Hang the print out of School Bathroom Reminders

Printouts For The school:

School bathroom reminders (instructions included in the pdf download)

Printouts For The individual:

Hidden notes of inspiration

Success Plan Outline

**If you have any issues downloading the links  feel free to email Adrienne directly 🙂 Email Adrienne

Adrienne’s Follow-up Programs 

If you are interested in bringing Adrienne back for a second assembly and/or classroom instruction here are some fun choices:

Leaders & Followers: An assembly or breakout session that teaches leadership and respect while also teaching teens how to Salsa dance!  Get your students active while they learn.  Students learn what it means to be great leaders as well as great followers (yes, in life we must play both roles).  Teach your teens how to respect one another while also learning a fun skill.

The Grit: This is an add-on to the keynote “Perseverance With Grit” where students get to apply the elements from the keynote and put them into action using a diagram of a staircase.  Help teens zero in on one dream and then write a tactical plan on how they are going to march up their staircase and grab ahold of their dreams.  This is the how-to for the big idea they experienced during the assembly/conference. This program also ensures your students have a plan in their hand!

Body Language: This is a fun breakout that gives teens an insight to body language as it pertains to giving presentations, interviewing for jobs, and communicating with people in general.

Inspirational Reading List: 

Blood Sweat & Tiaras (DUH! This is Adrienne’s book)

The Boys In The Boat

The Traveler’s Gift

The Noticer

Lone Survivor 

The Ultimate Gift

The Encore (Adrienne recommends listening to this one as an audiobook)

Inspirational Movie List

(all based on true stories):


Freedom Writers

Walk Ride Rodeo (on Netflix)

Megan Leavey



Soul Surfer

The Blind Side

Erin Brockovich

The Ultimate Life (read The Ultimate Gift first)

The Greatest Showman

Inspiration For Right Now: