Summer Reading List (and Snapchat)

Hola Amigos.  I hope you are as excited for summer break as I am!  I have a long list of fun things I want to do (including laying in a hammock, mountain biking, camping, and mowing the yard… yes, I actually like mowing the yard) … I’ll be posting picture updates on my social media feeds which now includes Snapchat.  Yep, that’s right I crossed over to the dark side ;).   I would love to connect with you online this summer.  Hope to see you in the digital world.

As we welcome summer I have a stack of books on my reading list (and waiting their turn on my nightstand), but I would like to share with you some of my favorite reads from this past year…  I hope you venture to pick up one (or all) of the books below!

  1. The Noticer (by Andy Andrews):  arguably my favorite book!  It’s a quick read, but one I recommend stretching out across a week or two.  A chapter a night is all it takes to take a big pause and notice things (and people) on a whole new level.   **And if you love The Noticer as much as I do another great book by Mr. Andrews is The Travelers Gift.The_Noticer_Adrienne_Bulinski_recommended_reading
  2. The Boys In The Boat (by Daniel James Brown) is a must read for anyone who has a dream and needs the inspiration to see that dream to fruition.  This is a true story about an unlikely team that overcomes just about every odd they could encounter and ultimately wins the 1936 Olympics! The cherry on top: it encompasses the four steps to success BEAUTIFULLY: 1) Say it out Loud 2) Determination 3) Attitude and 4) Perseverance (the same four steps you heard me reference if you’ve attended one of my programs).Boys_IN_The_Boat_Adrienne_Bulinski_recommended_reading
  3. Hush (by Kate White) is a page turning thriller.  It lacks some depth, but is a fun and fast read.  When you finish one chapter you can’t help but read the next and then the next and then the next…  This book is a thrilling escape from reality and makes you think twice about opening your mouth.  P.S. I found this book at Goodwill (Goodwill is a great place to scour for good books at a cheap price)Hush_Adrienne_Bulinski_recommended_reading
  4. The Shack (by WM. Paul Young):  Okay… so the movie is now a major motion picture (which is incredibly done and totally worth seeing), but don’t skip the book!  The book is thought provoking, soul stirring, and incredibly humbling.  Don’t miss this fantastic writing by jumping straight to the silver screen.  Treat yourself to this brilliant book.The Shack_Adrienne_Bulinski_recommended_reading
  5. The Pilot’s Wife (by Anita Shreve):  Another page turner; however, if you have a fear of flying don’t take it on an international flight like I did.  It starts with an airliner going down… the crash is also the beginning of a mystery.  One pilot, two families, one person’s discovery.  A. Great. Read.  If you need validation on this suggestion then by all means do take the book on a plane and watch how many flight attendants stop and ask what chapter you’re on because they want to relive the adventure with you!  Or you can call Oprah as it is one of her recommended reads.  P.S. I also found this book at Goodwill.The Pilots Wife_Adrienne_Bulinski_recommended_reading

Bonus: Blood Sweat & Tiaras (by yours truly).  The best of all the above recommendations (duh)!  BST is a story of perseverance with attitude and sass.  Yes, there is a lot of blood, a little sweat, one tiara and 60 reasons why you will keep turning the pages…


Send me your recommended reads!

Happy spring and bring it on summer!