How To Fund A Speaker

10 funding ideas for speakersAre you excited about bringing Motivational Speaker Adrienne Rosel Bulinski to your school, college or organization for a buzz-worthy message?

Adrienne is willing to work with you to make it a win-win situation for both you and the audience.  The bottom line: she is a speaker for the reasons of educating, motivating, empowering and inspiring audiences.  Don’t let money be the detour.

Your budget verses the fee doesn’t need to be the straw that breaks the camel’s back.  Adrienne wants to work with you; therefore, she is willing to consider your budget and give you tools to meet the monetary difference. If you are willing to be creative, Adrienne promises there is a way.

Here are some ideas you can use when planning to bring Motivational Speaker Adrienne Bulinski to your high school, middle school, college, conference or retreat.

This is the beginning of creating the most talked-about, awesome assembly your school or organization has ever experienced.


10 Ways to Fund Motivational Speaker Adrienne Bulinski to Come to Your School, University, or Conference.

  • Team up with other schools, or events, in the area. Motivational Speaker Adrienne Bulinski is known to work with schools that pool their resources.  When Adrienne speaks to more than one school in the area, you save money!  All you have to do is reach out to your colleagues at other schools/organizations and forward them Motivational Speaker Adrienne Bulinski’s web site > >  When you call to schedule a date with Adrienne be sure to mention how many schools/organizations are interested!


  • Have you thought about integrating Adrienne’s message into a theme for the year? Did you know there is often funding, through private and federal grants, associated with a theme?  Themes such as National Bullying Awareness Month (October), Homecoming/Prom Week, Spirit Week, Teen Pregnancy, Mental Health, Drug Awareness, Suicide Prevention, etc.  Did you know there is a laundry list of grants to fund programs such as Adrienne’s?  Check with your school’s district office or federal government offices to find out how to apply!


  • Corporate sponsorships. Every community has for-profit businesses looking for ways to give back to their communities, especially if it is helping the youth. Businesses love Adrienne’s philosophy of giving people “a hand up verses a hand out”.  Moreover, if a corporate company sponsors the entire visit Adrienne is known to work a “visit” to the organization into her travel schedule!  Adrienne believes in a motivated community, not just the students. And don’t forget to invite your corporate sponsors to the event!  Please be sure to follow-up with all your sponsors with a hand-written thank you.


  • Community sponsorships. Have you thought about asking your local Rotary Club, Kiwanis, Lions, Optimist, etc., to sponsor the event?  Adrienne is a Rotarian and has an instant connection with Rotary Clubs across the country.  If a civic organization volunteers to sponsor Adrienne in the community, Adrienne may even attend one of their meetings and offer the group a program as well (depending on schedule).  And don’t forget to invite your community sponsors to the event! Please be sure to follow-up with all your sponsors with a hand-written thank you.


  • Did you contact your local Booster Club/PTA/PTO or Parent Engagement Network? These are the folks on the front line, looking for opportunities to bring dynamic educational opportunities to their kiddos.


  • Crowd sourcing. A great funding alternative is to set up a crowd funding site for your school (such as  Typically Adrienne’s program cost less than $5 per student (depending upon the size of the school/location).  This also allows your parents to have the opportunity to “screen” motivational speaker Adrienne Bulinski before she works with your students.


  • Check with your school administration for funding from the Student Body Fund or Staff Development Funds.  Be sure to ask about Title VI funding.


  • When applying for grant monies from your State Department of Human Services and State Department of Education be sure to ask for the guidance on which grant is the most appropriate.  There are several different federal offices that offer grants such as Mental Health and Family Services, Alcohol and Drug Abuse Division, Public Safety Department, Health and Community Agencies.


  • Invite your school clubs (such as Student Government, FCCLA, FCA, etc.) to raise the funds. This not only brings students together on a project but gives them real world experience of going out into the communities to rally support.  Please be sure to follow-up with all your sponsors with a hand-written thank you.  It is also great if you invite them to the event!


  • Book sales. Adrienne is releasing her book, Blood Sweat & Tiaras, this October (2016) and if the organization is willing to buy a book for each attendee there may be a way to waive the speaking fee all together.   This works great for colleges, universities, conferences and retreats.Ten funding ideas for speakers