Thank You Copper Mtn & Lenz Sport!

I leaned to the left, heading straight toward the trees and the fresh twelve inches of powder.

As I watched my skis disappear below the snow I found myself smiling out of gratitude for a sport that has allowed me to once again enjoy the fluffy white powder on the ski slopes of Colorado.  And on my preferred mountain, no less, which is Copper Mountain.Adrienne_Bulinski_ski_bike_copper_mtn_lenz_sport

I glanced over my left shoulder and saw my husband chasing after me.  His singing mixed with laughter was dampened by the falling snow and face-mask wrapped around his mouth.  But I could hear him, and his joy made me giggle.

For the first time he was on his own set of unique skis enjoying the same “rush” I was.

I suddenly stopped and he quickly slid to a stop next to me, covering me in a spray of snow.

“Why are we stopping?” he asked.

“I want a picture,” I said and he didn’t argue because he too knew how special the moment was. 

Both my husband and I have years of experience on “normal” skis and a handful of experiences crashing on snowboards, but it has been a decade since I have had the opportunity to be back on skis, due to a non-skiing injury.  You see, In 2007 I severed my foot from my leg as a result of a horrific horsing accident.  My life went from being “invincible” to fighting for life and limb… and at one point I finally accepted my permanent limp verses an amputation.

Adrienne_Bulinski_Motivational_Speaker_Copper_Mtn_Colorado_Lenz_Ski_BikeNonetheless, in 2013 (at the age of 30) I received a full ankle replacement.  I also discovered an “adaptive” way to ski – a way that I refer to as “bad ass”.

I discovered a full suspension ski bike custom created by Devon Lenz at Lenz Sport.   With a Lenz bike I could safely get back on the ski slopes!  The suspension allows me to get “off” the mountain, which means the bike absorbs the impact that my joints took when skiing.  And since my artificial joint has a limited life span, anything I can do to make it last longer is a positive choice!

And this Christmas, for the first time my husband and I were ski biking the slopes of Copper Mountain together on full suspension Lenz Ski Bikes.  What made the moment extra special?   Typically Copper Mountain doesn’t allow full suspension ski bikes, but a few years ago the mountain was kind enough to grant me an “adaptive skier” pass.  And this Christmas they allowed my “ski guide” (AKA: my husband) to have his own adaptive pass.

I guess this is my long way of saying “Thank you Copper Mountain (especially Tina) and Lenz Sport for allowing this to happen! Copper Mountain is my all-time favorite mountain to ride and now I get to enjoy it with my all-time favorite person… my husband! You are two awesome companies!”

Side note to the reader: if you see a girl on a full suspension purple and hot-pink ski bike… please say hi!