There Are No Excuses When On The Road To Personal Greatness

Ankle_Joint_Replacement_Adrienne_Bulinski_Motivational_SpeakerI love my frequent visits to Red Rocks Amphitheater – the views, the fresh air, the people, the weekend warriors and the concerts.   It is a place I can consistently count on for inspiration and motivation. I find inspiration in the beautiful surroundings while motivation comes from my fellow hard-working athletes, or musicians who are living out their dream in their dream venue.

Red Rocks is located just outside of Morrison, Colorado (west of Denver) and sits at 6,450 feet above sea level.  The theatre holds 9,450 spectators for its super-star line-up of summer concerts; however, when there isn’t a concert taking place the venue is open to the public free of charge.  On the weekends, this oasis becomes the ideal training ground for the novice athlete all the way to the professional triathlete.    Don’t believe me, check it out for yourself, but word to the low-lander: the air is thinner at that Red Rocks altitude.

At the amphitheater there are almost 400 steps from the low road to the top of the theatre, which means, for many the goal is to walk from the bottom to the top merely one time; however, many struggle with the 200 stair journey from the stage to the top!

Red Rocks is my favorite place to mindlessly push my body to its limit, and see just how high I can escalate my heart-rate.   It is also a place that I can “workout” without straining my ankle (and the hardware of my ankle replacement). At the beginning of the summer season my goal is to walk the 400 stairs three times.  By the end of the summer my goal is to walk the 400 stairs at least five times with push-ups and crunches between each set.  And, mid-way through the summer I start timing myself in order to make sure I’m continually making improvements.  I’m not competing against anyone other than myself and I’m not training for anything other than a healthy lifestyle.

The reason for this motivational blog entry: This past weekend I found myself gawking at my latest form of inspiration: you can imagine my awe (and dumbfounded-ness) when I met a firefighter who was running up and down the amphitheater, in full firefighter gear.  I’m not joking!

I made you a short video so you could see, and experience, his awesomeness!   (At the time I recorded this, he was completing his eighth run, and I was on my third).

Ray is a living, breathing example of what inspires and motivates me… there are no excuses when on the road to personal greatness!red-rocks-panorama-motivational-speaker - Adrienne BulinskiAdrienne_Bulinski_Motivational_Speaker_Ankle_Replacement