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Adrienne (Rosel) Bulinski is an award-winning speaker for teens, acclaimed entertainer, and the author of "Blood Sweat & Tiaras". With more than a decade of youth work experience, Adrienne draws on her many life experiences to convey uplifting messages on what it takes to build a fierce self-confidence and face failure as a learning tool and not the end of the journey. In short, Adrienne focuses on the “whole person” teaching what it looks like to identify goals and go after them, what it means to be resilient, and most important what it means to own your definition of perseverance. Below is a sampling of Adrienne's motivational programs... please visit Adrienne's "Programs" page for more program details.
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Perseverance with Grit

Teaching teens what it looks like to build a fierce self-confidence and giving them the actual tools to achieve their dreams and goals while overcoming adversity.  This program focuses on the whole person as Adrienne zeros in on four simple choices you make every day and if calculated correctly can have limitless results. Adrienne empowers her audiences with the tools to stay focused, overcome adversity, and live the life envisioned. *Adaptable for grades 1-6

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Connecting The Dots

A great program for anyone who works with youth. Learn how to stir a teen’s dream and connect that dream to the skills they are learning in school. Show students how their basic educations are relevant to their grand dreams and watch them dig in and invest in what is being taught in the classroom in a deeper more positive way. Students want to know the “why” behind the learning. Learn some tactical and easy solutions to better equip your teens for a successful and profitable future beyond the classroom.



How does your world go from success to tragedy in a matter of seconds? How do you pick yourself up and keep marching forward? Dive into a program of music, laughter, fun, and goal setting. Parallel your dreams with the lessons taught straight from the world’s oldest history book. See first-hand how with faith you can accomplish anything, overcome anything, and build the beautiful life meant only for you.

About Adrienne Bulinski

Be inspired and be motivated... for the future belongs to those who believe in the impossible.
"if you can dream it, you can achieve it"

Adrienne (Rosel) Bulinski is no doubt a bionic mover and shaker. She gets a thrill out of her teenage audiences and their reactions to the 'theatrical' approach she uses to convey a powerfully positive message. However, just as life isn't always 'rainbows and cupcakes' neither is her program as she transitions into a plot twist that no one sees coming. The laughter abruptly turns to silence and often to tears as she sheds light on how her life took a devastating detour - placing her in an emergency room after a horrific accident where she awaited the doctors’ decisions on whether or not they would amputate her severed foot… Adrienne's story of overcoming the odds and defining perseverance has inspired hundreds of thousands of people to grab ahold of their own set-backs or disappointments and use them as building blocks to reach their dreams. Through her programs she teaches with the right mind-set, proper amount of determination and stubbornness, even life's worst days can be overcome with a positive attitude. Speaker, author, and entertainer Adrienne claims the titles: Speaker of the Year, Miss Kansas 2005, Miss USO 2007, author of "Blood Sweat & Tiaras", wife, daughter, smom, Believer, part-bionic mover and shaker, fierce cook, scholar, not to mention an avid mountain-biker.

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