Adrienne Rosel Bulinski, Perseverance with Attitude

Award Winning Motivational Speaker & Author

Join Adrienne for a heartfelt journey of success to bitter tragedy to rising above the odds. Adrienne gives audiences the power to 1) to believe in themselves and their self-worth (attitude) 2) to believe in their passions and their goals (dream) 3) to believe in their capabilities of reaching many great achievements in their lifetime (persevere).​ For an entire list of Adrienne's motivational programs please visit Adrienne's Programs page.

Pursuit of Excellence

A message focused on dreams, attitude, relationships, and overcoming obstacles. Adrienne challenges audiences to think big, dream big, and achieve big. This message empowers audiences with the tools to stay focused on the bigger picture and turn dreams into realities while creating the life you love.

Attitude Is Everything

An anti-bullying message that gives students the power to stand up for themselves with confidence. Adrienne shines light on what bullying is, how it starts and how to overcome negative situations. Together we can put a stop to bullying.

Walk The Walk

A Christian message of hope and inspiration. With faith, you can accomplish anything, overcome anything and live the beautiful life that is meant for only you. “Walk the Walk” is a message that teaches strong moral and ethical Christian values while walking side-by-side with Christ in your life.

Finding Your Footing

How does your world go from success to tragedy in a matter of seconds? And then, how do you pick yourself up and keep marching forward? Adrienne has walked-the-walk of perseverance, and while it isn’t easy, it is possible! You can indeed find your footing!

Adrienne's book "Blood Sweat & Tiaras" available on Amazon!


About Adrienne, the speaker & author

Be inspired and be motivated... for the future belongs to those who believe in the impossible.
"if you can dream it, you can achieve it"

Adrienne Bulinski challenges audiences to Think Big, Dream Big and Achieve Big. For the last ten years, her passion has been motivating the minds of audiences around the country. Adrienne’s message is influenced by a vast array of experiences including time wearing the Miss Kansas crown, performing with the USO, New York City auditions and rejections, re-learning how to walk at the age of 24, temptations with life's obstacles and coping with depression. Adrienne teaches that with the right mind-set, proper amount of determination and perseverance, even life’s worst days can be overcome with a positive attitude. And, with the right attitude anything is possible. Adrienne has quickly become a well-known and respected speaker for her inspiring message, storytelling ability and entertaining delivery. Adrienne utilizes her theatrical background to deliver her message and challenges people, both young and old, to think outside the box and achieve life’s grandest goals, one day at a time.

  • 5% of your day
  • 20% Of Your Will Power
  • 80% Of Your Attitude
  • 100% Perserverance

Who is Adrienne

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Motivational Speaker & Emcee

2005 – present
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Marketing & Business Consultant

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Ankle Replacement Recipient

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Speaker of the Year

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Miss USO

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Miss Kansas



"to know success you must taste failure." -adrienne bulinski

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